English Summary

Kultur & Spielraum e.V.

The association Kultur und Spielraum has developed and organised projects of cultural, political, and arts education for children and young people for more than three decades and is funded by the City of Munich.

As an extracurricular education institution, we aim to create spaces for action and experience that encourage an active, playful and creative engagement with cultural, societal and historical topics as well as children‘s own lived reality.

Kultur & Spielraum has a reputation for creative ideas and the unique quality of its cultural education programmes. For us, culture, education and participation are personal, and we seek to make them accessible to all children and young people.

Our projects

Our mobile projects take place on various occasions at many sites across the city. We run two youth culture centres (Seidlvilla & Pasinger Fabrik) with continual programmes. The Munich Children‘s Forum aims to strengthen children‘s participation in Munich and make the city, a landscape of learning and experience, accessible to children.

Well-known projects are the Kinder-Krimi-Fest, a children‘s festival of crime fiction, the Klassikwerkstatt, bringing classical music to a young audience, and the Munich School Theatre Festival. Our big summer programmes are the holiday academy Kunst & Krempel and the play-city Mini-Munich.

Contemporary artistic practices and approaches to art education are central to Der Fahrende Raum (The Transient Space), a mobile art project and space of action for artists, educators and participants of all ages.

The Munich Children‘s Newspaper, produced collaboratively by children and media professionals, offers age-appropriate high quality journalism to its young readers from the age of 8 and informs them about their city.

Kultur & Spielraum coordinates the Bavarian Association of Youth Art Schools (LJKE - Landesverband bayerischer Jugendkunstschulen) and the Children‘s Culture Summer Munich (Kinder-Kultur-Sommer) and is involved in shaping municipal policy and strategy in the areas of cultural and political education as well as public child & youth work.

Through project documentations, publications and seminars, we disseminate our work and practice to interested professionals and the general public.